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Are you a budding or experienced sports or fitness writer? Do you want to make awesome YouTube content? Are you a creator who wants support and encouragement for your ideas? Illustrator? Designer? Podcaster? Influencer?

If ‘yes’ to any of the above, read on my (soon-to-be) friend.

We are home to the next generation of sports writers

We believe people should be PAID for their work, so unlike larger commercial blogs that we can’t name, we PAY writers, as long as the content is unique and we agree on a fee in advance. We do not expect people to hand over their creative ideas for free and the promise of ‘writing experience’ is not fair recompense for your hard work or intellectual thoughts.

Where the Sporting Blog is going

Our goal is to become the biggest non-news sports website in the World. That’s right, and alongside that, we want to be the de facto home of aspiring sports content creators on the internet.

The Sporting Blog is the only sports website where you can find wide-ranging opinions, stories, interviews and reviews on all manner of sports and games. Diversity is our watchword, although we specialise in the world’s most popular sports, we’ve covered all sorts, from Timber Sports to Canal jumping.

Our readers are interested in what YOU are interested in, so if you would like to become a regular contributor, or just have a story you'd like to publish please let us know. Here at The Sporting Blog, we are keen on written opinion pieces, Vlogs, articles and images that you think people will want to see. Just think about what you'd like to read or watch yourself. 

HOWEVER - We are not a site that publishes match reports, previews or anything that is going to be out of date within a few days. We need EVERGREEN content.

If you are a PR company or professional, we may well be able to help with your campaign, so please get in touch for a media pack and to let us know your ideas.

P.S We do NOT SELL LINKS - please don’t bother asking for a link insertion or guest post