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Welcome to our Fitness Blog. Our aim is to provide you with the best Health and Fitness articles, tips, interviews and advice.

Fitness has long been a passion of the Sporting Blog team, and we have high-quality fitness, training and nutrition content on deck. We’re not just here to talk about popular sports.

We love interviewing fitness & nutrition experts and enthusiasts about their fitness motivation, fitness journeys and suggestions. We also are expanding our knowledge and content with regards to Mental Health, please do write in if you have any ideas.

Fitness Motivation - We built a fitness blog to help you stay motivated

It is not always easy to stay motivated when you are embarking on or trying to stay on course in your fitness journey.

We have interviewed personal trainers, coaches, fitness experts and people that are simply fitness enthusiasts with a story, to put together a content series about motivation called ‘I’ll Start tomorrow’.

The series aims to get you started with your fitness journey and understand fitness motivation and perhaps provide some suggestions for funding your own motivation and how fitness can benefit your mental health as a result.

Some examples of our fitness motivation content;

Elise Spicer - Motivation to get fit has to come from within

The role Focus and Organisation plays in Fitness with sprinter Teresa Iannetelli

Fitness and how it helped in improving mental health with Siobhion Spooner

Nutrition and Diet Blog - Fitness Focused

We love talking about how nutrition is just as important to your fitness journey as training, and we often call on our own experiences to describe what has and hasn’t worked for us. We blog about Wellness in general, but what you really need to understand is that what you put in (physically) is what you get out. Eat better, feel better.

Whether you are looking to improve your nutrient intake or just want to know when and what to eat pre or post-workout, we have you covered. Whether you are bulking, shredding, trying to lose excess body fat or training for that marathon or 10k, we have useful content that can help. Why

We also talk to nutritionists and other experts in the world of sport and fitness to take their views on nutrition. Explore the articles below and you might just find something that helps you with your goals, whether they are to pack on muscle, lose some body fat or just feel like you have more energy! For body and mind.

Incredible fitness journeys like Eliza Smith’s - 5 stone down in 18 months.

Incredible fitness journeys like Eliza Smith’s - 5 stone down in 18 months.

Yoga Articles - Check out our Yoga Blog

We have taken on regular writers to delve into yoga in a way that reflects the nature of our readership.

Our yoga articles are written with specific users in mind, from the beginner who wants to try yoga to get more flexible, to those who would like to try yoga as a means of injury prevention or to improve mental health. We are always happy to hear feedback on how our yoga articles have encouraged and inspired people to get on the mat.

We have also started dabbling in general wellness content, including articles on massage and Pilates.