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Here at The Sporting Blog, we are huge fans of the NFL. We’ve put that passion into finding some of the best articles and content out there, creating an NFL Blog for novice fans and hardcore gridiron lovers alike.

We want our NFL blog to be the most interesting on the internet. Content that will hit you harder than Lawrence Taylor after a night out with Dennis Rodman.

The NFL: The World’s Richest Sporting League

The NFL has made American Football one of the most popular sports on the planet.

Check out our complete guide to all 32 NFL teams, and much more below, including the 12 Teams that have NEVER won the Superbowl and the Greatest Running Backs of All Time.

We also have profiles of some of the Greatest players in NFL history as well as individual profiles of teams such as the New England Patriots and the best defense of all time, the 1985 Chicago Bears.

below is the latest NFL blog content we have, the full list of NFL articles can be found here. Oh and if you are just starting out, here is a simple list of all NFL teams.

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